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Thursday, 3 May 2012


Today I would like to welcome my first ever guest into the Whisky lounge,since first learning of her i have been a big fan. It is an honour to introduce a lady know as Sentinel Exemplar or Red for short.
*holds up whisky bottle*

Thank you. I drink brandy or Glayva please, neat, with ice.

*grabs bottle of brandy*
Over the last few years a series of books have been written about your life Red, so first how do you feel about the publicity this has brought to what had been a very secretive life?

There hasn’t been so much publicity per se. Humes still don’t seem to believe we’re real and so our Hide in Plain Sight Policy is paying off. I Believe Humes would be shocked if they realised exactly how many of us are in the higher positions of power in the country. It’s fortunate that I’m not a name-dropper.

Now some people out there may not have heard of you or what you do yet so could you give us a brief introduction on yourself? Who are you, what do you do?

I am known as different titles and names to different people. Some know me as Sentinel Exemplar, which is my correct title. Some know me as Sentinel; others know me as Red which is a nick-name that I use with pride. The more Ancient ones have always known me as Hazel and I shall be known as such forever to them. Others know me briefly as “Oh my god! What the hell is that! Arrgh!” but I’ll leave it to your imagination why they call me that.

*nervous laugh*
I mentioned to a few friends that I would be interviewing a werewolf and I got quite a few question suggestions, now first how do you refer to your kind? Are you werewolf, wolfmen or wolves?

We use the term ‘Wolf’ – we are not ‘werewolf’ which means ‘man wolf’ – to be part ‘man’ would make us less than we are.

And SooderFolley wanted to know if it really hurts when you change? Or is it seamless and natural?

I believe it did hurt at one time when I changed, but I cannot remember. As the years and decades pass, we perhaps learn to live with the pain and it becomes less either because we are used to it or because we become stronger and can withstand the pain better.
It does not hurt me to change.

So has it ever happen unexpectedly to you, like while you were on the toilet, and did you have to run outside to finish...?

Which disrespectful Hume asked that question? I shall deal with him when he is least expecting it!

What is the most annoying part of the legend vs. the reality? Are there any misconceptions about werewolves you would like to clear up?

No. It is convenient for us that Humes believe what they believe. I don’t want to give away any of our secret, do I? I believe that the Author of these books, D Michelle Gent has done enough damage to our secrets, I shall not add to the damage.

So cutting to the meat of the main gripe people would have with your kind, eating people. Are people like wine and meat, does age make a difference to the taste? Or do people just taste like Chicken?

Humes taste like Humes. There is a scent to them, a flavour that is enhanced by many things, adrenalin being the most delicious. But alcohol in the blood and certain drugs, narcotics, amphetamines can also add a certain something to the effect but I don’t often hunt Humes these days. I don’t need to feed on Humes for my strength and power. I am an Ancient Wolf and I enjoy the benefits of being Ancient.

So you remember what the wolf does in human form? Did you ever sniff another wolf bum and then regret it in the morning?

Again, the disrespectful Hume that asked the question may do well to keep indoors on the next Full Moon! I may forego my ethics on hunting Humes for that one.

Erm, let move quickly on, Natalie Eagle Eye Berry wanted to know if there are there any vegetarian werewolves?

There are Wolves that hibernate and therefore don’t need to feed but not eating meat? Why? We have been given these wonderfully sharp, pointy teeth for the purpose of slicing through flesh, biting down on a juicy, blood-engorged piece of meat is such a delight, why would a Wolf ever decide not to?
Can you hurry up? I’m suddenly hungry.

OK well jump to some real serious questions from the public, a sort of quick fire round.This is the main things the humans want to know, the real big issues. Many of my female friends really wanted me to ask, have you ever met any hot vampires?

A while ago, I would have said – in fact, I actually did say – there are no such things as vampires. I have since had a change of opinion, though I have yet to meet one.
There are, however, a good many hot Wolves. Nichasin for example, is one. Luke, my estranged husband is considered to be ‘hot’ and there are many more besides. There are many Wolves in our society that keep their gland usage up in order to maintain their youth and fitness and oh boy! Do they!

Are there any famous werewolves? Jason Hewitt has always suspected Huge Jackman, and I can totally see that.

As I said before, I am no name-dropper but just take a look around. Thosee Humes with ultimate confidence in themselves, those that seem to know that they are attractive, could they be Wolf? That is for you to find out perhaps. There is something about being Wolf that gives one such an air of invulnerability that it difficult to disguise and so it is easy for them to get into careers where their looks play an important part.
As for Hugh Jackman, I couldn’t possibly comment.

If you could turn any one you wanted without any ramifications, who would it be and why?

*Laughs* I can! The clever bit is to not turn them.

Do you stop to pee on lampposts?

*looks worried* Have you ever tried a tin of dog food?

Enough! Disrespectful Hume! Would you like to be the starter for my main meal when I find the Hume that asked those questions?

Not my fault, I'm just asking the questions.
There were quite a few questions asked about grooming, do you catch fleas for instance and do they stay on you when you change back to human form? Does Frontline flea and tick work for Werewolves or would you use Headrin?

If we do get fleas, they desert once the body reverts back to our more humanoid form. There is no need for chemicals.

I was told by a friend that an easy werewolf test for when you’re in human form, throw a stick and see if they twitch ;)

Perhaps we should meet that particular Hume and see who it is that twitches first?

Never been tempted to join in a game of fetch when walking through a park?

Sometimes, I have walked through parks and had the ‘urge’ as you say, to play fetch, perhaps in the days when parks were more dense and less populated and the thing that I was ‘fetching’ had a good covering of flesh and a pulse.

I think that I have indulged you enough, Hume. I am on Facebook and Twitter and I shall find those disrespectful Humes. I don’t need to wait for Full Moon, but for them, I will.

The amazing Red left at this point looking rather angry.
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