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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Coming out of their Coffins

The truth about the Veggie Vamps. How do you feel about the recent change in vampire lead charecters? Does the Vampire Diaries brothers make you swoon? Is the sparkle in Twilight giving you a twinkle? Is True Blood a dream come true with those vamps in the open? Well according to some the recent shift in how blood suckers are portrayed is a concious move to make them more acceptable to modern society and a politicaly correct world where monsters are not real. Vampire want to climb out of their coffins and enter the light and have hired authors and media experts to make this happen. People believe what they see on the box, even so called TV fiction shows leave behind a seed of belief and when you add the subliminal messages that are encoded you have a world being prepped for our next ethnic minority. A pin up vamp that falls in love and never kills anyone would have been laughed at in the days of Hammer Horror but now it's a smash hit. Sparkle is the new tag for the fangsters. True blood shows how we can live beside a new breed of veggie vamps. What we are seeing is the start of vampires being rebranded and re-packaged into something the teens of today will accept as the truth in their fourties and fifties. A long term plan to cover the vampire Lestat in glitter and hire him out as a baby sitter while Mum and Dad go out swinging with Jessica and her maker Bill. Secret meeting in Hollywood have made this a done deal with the Whitehouse on board too. So get yourselves ready for the future where Interview with a Vampire, Dracula and the likes are racist properganda and vampires are the good guys. So get ready to sparkle and watch out Dads, your sixteen year old daughter will be bring home her hundred year old vampire boyfriend to meet you.

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