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Sunday, 13 April 2014


The government is pushing for more private investment into our education system, for public schools to become more like the private school system. They want to see a profit from education, to have schools making money.
Now just how can education and making a profit go together? Well as shown with the Universities tuition fees there is a cash cow there but can a nation that insists on education for all really do that?
Well let’s jump into the future of what our education could be in 30 years’ time and see how an education system could return a profit if it is run as a business.

Well tuition fees will be a must for all children. Now the government will cover the cost of a basic education where you child learns the basics of reading, writing and basic mathematics up to the age of 12. After that student loans will be available to cover the rest of your child’s education, the amount of the loan needed will depend on the school and education you wish to purchase. Your child’s education level will depend on how much you want to spend on it, a tailored education for your child’s life needs. You will have control of what they learn about by choosing the core subjects they will study. You don’t think that trigonometry is useful then they don’t study it. You and your child have the control on what they learn about so you don’t pay for learning the things they won’t need. An individual education for every child where you decide what level of education they learn to.
The next big change will be we wouldn’t need a Head Teacher in the schools as that position would be taken up by a business manager who would ensure a good return for investors. Also would you really need every class to have a professional teacher, especially when teaching children under 12? I mean just think of the money saved if you employed unqualified people at minimum wage, after all how hard is it to teach reading and writing? All these ‘teachers’ will have to do is work from a basic government guidebook, if parents want more they can purchase extra educational needs for their children.
The next thing schools can make money from is sponsorship from big companies and here there is a big opportunity to exploit, School uniforms. Sportswear firms can sponsor a school and in return they provide the uniforms that the children wear, at a fair market price. These companies can also provide worthwhile work experience for the students by providing ‘work’ placements for children of up to 3 days in a school week. On these placements the children will learn to make the uniforms they wear, working in factories and able to build up credits that can be used to pay off their student loan when they leave school. This will see a return of the manufacturing industry to the UK and children leaving school with real life experience of working in the real world.
Lessons will be central to the new education system and here is another way to gain investment. A company or organisation can bid to provide a schools lesson plan for each subject. If they want to provide a school history lessons then for the right ‘bid’ they can chose what part of history your child is taught, science can be tailored to the needs of a company in the area so the education meets the needs of the company or organisation. Education will be about providing real life skills to the student, learning what is needed to set them up for their future. If a religious organisation wishes to ensure their children are taught the truth, according to their beliefs then they can take over ownership of a school and tailor lessons to meet the needs of their pupils. By choosing these schools parents can choose to have their children taught only what is true to their own beliefs and so protect their faith. And as the school is free to set the cost of the education they provide they can collect financial donation(tax free) to offset the cost to the pupil, even providing 'free' tuition.
All in all the future of education for profit gives the child and parent the choice and full control of what they need, a tailored education for their future in our rapidly changing world. They will learn only what they need and will have the chance to repay their student loan before they leave the education system, learning valuable work skills in the process.

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