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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Guest blog, Let's fix America.

Today I have my first guest blogger, in the light of the elections over the pond and my earlier post on what i would do if i was made Emperor of Great Britain we have some views of how to turn around America.
So here we go.

First of all I need to give Glenn a big thank you for allowing me to take over his blog briefly.

So this is Blue-collar Idiot

First of all, let me just say I love my country I really do. Regardless of what goes on that will never change with me. I may not like who's in power or approve of the way things are done, but I will always salute the flag and everything good about this country that it stands for.

Let's face it though folks, the situation is Fubar, Snafu or whatever acronym you want to use it is a sad state of affairs. Among other issues we as a nation are 16 trillion in debt. That means to make things even, every single one of us would need to pay the government one hundred and thirty seven thousand dollars. Now I don't know about you but the thought of my child owing that kind of money before she even has a job is pretty disheartening. So how do we fix it? Well here's my thoughts on that plus a few more for good measure.

For starters guess what?

If you make more than a million dollars a year (I.E. sports,entertainment stars) well not any more you don't!

All that surplus goes back into the system. Should help pay that debt down in a hurry don't you think?
Don't worry I didn't leave you Religions out either.
You're still allowed to worship how and who you wish, but no more free ride. Religious organisations get to pay taxes just like everyone else. Call it tithing the nation if makes you feel any better.

OK so what's next then to sort out?
Our infrastructure is a wreck. Roads,waste management and dams are all below par. Also I'm going to throw in how we happen to have sky high unemployment.
Well lets kill two birds with one stone. Put the unemployed to work fixing these things. WE WILL FIND YOU A JOB! It may not be one you like or really want but you'll be working if you're medically able to.
Don't want to work?
Well you can go to jail or leave the country, but you should plan on working or you're going to jail. Work details will be back in force in there too, so no easy ride in there either.

Oh and expect random drug tests as well. Lets be fair about that, fail one and you can go to rehab, but a second fail and you go to jail, this is also a form of rehab if you think about it.

As for jail over-population?
Well life sentences in most cases are going to be a thing of the past., it's cheaper to enforce the death sentence.
Like court ruling to the grave in twenty minutes or less. Also lets have it apply for habitual offenders, but a strict definition of that would need to be worked out.

Illegal Immigration.
This is easy, stick to the enforcement of the laws we already have. Nothing needs changed , we just need them enforced. Also while we're in the ballpark more or less, no more student visas. If our schools are good enough to learn in then our country is good enough for you to become a citizen of.
American school/American student.
Makes sense doesn't it?

Finally let's look at Health Care.

Hmm... Well for starters let's make it more affordable. If I can buy a bottle of 30 pills for $5.99 you are NOT going to charge me $10.00 for one at the hospital. In fact I could see this helping in other areas of commerce as well, just make it a general rule, no more than fifty percent mark-up on goods. Plus let's find a way to reward American made and based companies. I'm not sure how yet but I think a completely American product should be worth an incentive. Let's make it worth a companies while to want to be here.

Anyway, that's my ramble and I'm a idiot. Just remember even a blind squirrel finds a nut some times!

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